Current exhibitions


until 2 December 2018 'Art over the Sofa', Citymuseum Doetinchem
7 December - 18 January  
'Between Reality and Wonderland', double exhibition with Eveline Kieskamp at Cultura Galerie Ede
24 May - September 2019 'Salon des Arts', KC BREEKijzer, CIVON, ULFT
8, 9 & 10 June Double Exhibition with Berna Bonekamp in 'The little Church of Persingen'


Continuous exhibition and rental

Doetinchem City Museum, art library

Voorburg art library


Listed main exhibitions

2017 Harderwijk City Museum, group exhibition
2016 Big Draw, DRU industrialpark, group exhibition
2015 Doetinchem Art Route
2014 Voorburg art library, solo exhibition
2014 Wageningen City Museum “De Casteelse Poort”, duo exhibition
2013 Ameland Art Month, group exhibition
2013 Doetinchem City Museum, group exhibition
2013 “Kunstschouw”, Westerschouwen, group exhibition
2012 “Oost 99” gallery, Hoorn, group exhibition
2012 “Kunststroming”, Krimpenerkunstwaard, Lekkerkerk, group exhibition
2012 “Holtrop” gallery, Tilburg, group exhibition
2011 “Ruimzicht” Villa, Doetinchem, solo exhibition
2010 Art & Design art fair, Doetinchem, group exhibition
2010 “Kunstschouw”, Westerschouwen, group exhibition
2009 “Imprisoned” group exhibition, Doetinchem art library
2006 “'t Raedhuys” gallery, Haamstede, group exhibition
2005 “AKZO Nobel”, Arnhem, solo exhibition
2005 “Oost 99” gallery, Hoorn, group exhibition
2003 Rotterdam Art Event, group exhibition
2003 “OBD”, Nijverdal, solo exhibition
2001 “De Langense Enk” gallery, Barchem, group exhibition
2000 "Gelders Landschap", Oosterbeek city hall, group exhibition
1999 “De Koningsstal” gallery, Wijk bij Duurstede, group exhibition
1997 “Geel” gallery, Dordrecht, duo exhibition
1995 Art & Design “Sonsbeek”, Arnhem, group exhibition
1993 “De Bijenkorf” department store, Arnhem, duo exhibition
1992 “DiNastro”, Arnhem, group exhibition